Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Bag (6 oz)

This luxurious blend of dark chocolate and orange is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy flavors. Packed with Vitamin C and made from 100% all natural orange fruit pulp, these chocolate treats have all the flavor of real oranges plus the smooth texture of dark chocolate.Orange and dark chocolate complement each other remarkably well due to the citrusy acidity found in oranges, which gives them a naturally strong flavor. Because this fruit is naturally acidic and flavorful, we don’t have to add any artificial flavorings to the orange centers to try to enhance the flavor. We simply add a dash of sugar to the mix and cover the fruit pulp jelly in our premium dark chocolate. The resulting bite-sized treat is the perfect balance of tangy orange and smooth dark chocolate.Grab a handful and embrace the flavor fusion. Price:  $ 9.95   Read More and Buy it here!

Costa Rican Tres Rios Valdivia Whole Bean (12 oz)

The Tres Rios coffee growing region is known as the “Bordeaux” of Costa Rica because of its reputation for producing some of the finest coffee in the world. The high-mountain climate, marked wet and dry seasons, and soils enriched by the nearby Irazu Volcano provide optimum natural conditions for growing fine coffee. Though it’s the smallest coffee growing region in Costa Rica, its beans are some of the most sought after in the world.Described as one of our more “elegant” blends by our master cupper, Dona Carmen, this medium roast presents an aroma of honey-nut as well as flavors of plum, allspice, and orange citrus. Its brighter and well-balanced cup qualities make it ideal for enjoying mid-morning, or during a relaxing afternoon. Price:  $ 12.95   Read More and Buy it here!

Saving Private Sheep

With Saving Private Sheep, put your brain cells and all your senses to the test as you overcome 148 levels in HD and help General Sheepard save his woolen warriors. Saving Private Sheep is a puzzle game, fun, simple and very addictive to play. Help your woolen warrior to conquer enemy territory by leading him into the secure zone. To do this, you will need just one weapon: your computer mouse! Destroy the obstacles in the surrounding area to make your sheep to achieve its objective in total… Price:  $ 9.95   Read More and Buy it here!

DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold

Swordplay and puzzles combine in this thinking man’s dungeon crawl. It’s simple to learn, with just a handful of commands to master. But the unique gameplay provides an amazing depth. A detailed overhead view shows monsters, obstacles, and other game elements. You have as much time as you like to contemplate your next move. So this is a good game for relaxing, but also terrifically involving once you get started. You’ll be hooked by the story of Beethro and his troublesome nephew, Halph. Our… Price:  $ 9.95   Read More and Buy it here!

Turtlewax Carnauba Cleaner Wax (14 Oz.) – T5A

“Cover your car with the durable, water-repellant finish of Turtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner Wax. The wax provides an attractive shine while helping to prevent pollutants from damaging the car’s surface.Product Features:Lasting finish repels water and provides a super high-gloss shineRemoves oxidation and swirl marks for a clean finishProvides a barrier against pollutants to safeguard your car’s surfaceApplies and removes easily for hassle-free use. Most Waxes and Washes products are available for in-store pickup from Advance Auto Parts.” Sale Price:  $ 4.0   Read More and Buy it here!