Beast in the Jungle

In this psychological drama, Henry James explores the mind of John Marcher, a neurotic egoist obsessed with the lurking feeling that something amazing is going to happen to him. James borrowed this concept from the notebooks of his good friend, author Constance Fenimore Woolson, who had fallen to her death from her window in Venice a few years earlier. Many see The Beast in the Jungle as James’ attempt to work through his feelings over his relationship with Constance, but the book is engaging regardless of autobiographical interpretation. Price:  $ 4.95   Read More and Buy it here!


From the author of The Moonstone and The Woman in White comes the story of Lydia Gwilt, a beautiful, unscrupulous woman who marries, deceives, and murders with abandon. Price:  $ 4.95   Read More and Buy it here!

Australian Financial Markets Review 1998

This book provides an annual survey of the Australian Financial Markets for the year ending 30th June 1998. It provides an in-depth analysis of each Australian Financial Market, examines facts and figures for the latest financial year, and provides a statistical review of Australia’s progress in the national and international exchange markets. Price:  $ 12.95   Read More and Buy it here!

The Sustainable Corporation

The authors trace the shift which has put aside the methods of the industrial age for a more flexible, dynamic and responsive approach to organizational change and management. They trace how theorists and practitioners have sought to reconcile social and managerial objectives. Price:  $ 28.18   Read More and Buy it here!

Single Watch Winder With Black Lacquer Finish

The Single Watch Winder With Lacquer Finish is an automatic winder that spins in imitation of the motion of your arm. Watch winder rotates clockwise or counter clockwise. It also rotates watch one hour and rests three hours. A power adapter is included. Please unplug winder when not in use. Turn off power when placing watches in or taking out of watch winder. Sale Price:  $ 47.88   Read More and Buy it here!