CET Chews for Small Dogs (30 chews)

Please Try Ora-Clens® Oral Hygiene Chews Small (30 Chews) Size Dog weight Petite 11 lbs. and under Medium 11 – 25 lbs. Large 26 – 50 lbs. Extra Large 51 lbs. + C.E.T. Chews enhance and activate a naturally occurring oral defense mechanism. C.E.T. Chews are a great tasting and effective way to keep your dog’s breath fresh and teeth clean. C.E.T. is Good to Chew: As simple as giving a daily treat, great tasting C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews feature the exclusive Dual-Enzyme System to remove plaque and prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria. The plaque-fighting enzymes and natural abrasive cleansing action of C.E.T. Chews help to keep breath fresh and teeth clean. Use C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Chews daily as a first step toward oral hygiene or on those days when brushing isn’t possible. CET Sale Price:  $ 9.99   Read More and Buy it here!