Teen Guilty Prisoner Costume

Being a teenager is hard. You’re busy! You have to ace exams (and look good while doing it) volunteer to build your resume, research colleges, get a job, and…oh yeah…eat, sleep, and care about Chemistry. Enough with the rules! For one day, why not give into your rebellious side? Allow us to recommend this Teen Guilty Prisoner Costume! You may have a reputation for being sweet, but you’ve been sentenced to serve time in the slammer! What’s your crime? Well, that’s the fun of this getup. You don’t have to tell! Or you can make up an elaborate scheme of your transgressions and your subsequent capture–complete with a chase scene! Or maybe you can tell your pals that you actually tunneled your way out, just for this party! They won’t believe that their epically nice friend has a hidden secret. It’s a great way to play make believe for the night.Now that everyone knows how deceiving looks can be, you can lock down a super fun Halloween for yourself. This striped dress features a tutu, so it feels fun to wear, and you can pair it with simple black leggings and shoes, so getting dressed up doesn’t take over your already busy week. Pick up a set of handcuffs and get ready to shock your crew when you show up at school as your alter ego. Remember: you have the right to remain mysterious! Price:  $ 29.99   Read More and Buy it here!

Kids Cat in the Hat Hat

You want a great hatFrom your favorite bookSo you go on the netAnd you take a long lookIt’s the lookiest look that you ever did lookIt’s a look that you took for a hat from a book!A Cat in the Hat hatTo rest on your headIt’s tall and it’s stripedAnd it’s bright white and redIt’s the best hat he have, so take this to heartYou’ll regret it if you do not click “Add to Cart!”Or you can go hatlessAnd be a big boreYou’ll go to a partyAnd hear your friends snoreYou’ll never fit in, and you’ll never be coolAnd the bullies will bully you all day at school! Price:  $ 10.99   Read More and Buy it here!

Halter Dress

Halter Dress with Buckles Be eye-catching and sinfully seductive in this microfiber halter dress that features a double buckle front with wide elastic waist band, double slit front and full back netting. Microfiber front G-String is also included. Available Sizes: Small Medium Large **All sale items are final. No exchanges. No returns. ** Price:  $ 29.99   Read More and Buy it here!

Garter Belt Stockings

Garterbelt Stocking Net Black Satin and Sexy! Includes: Industrial net garter belt stockings with woven pink satin bow. Available Sizes: One size fits most Please note we cannot accpet this item for return unless it is in the original packaging, unopened and sealed. Price:  $ 23.99   Read More and Buy it here!

Tween Magic 8 Ball Costume

Get behind the eight ball this Halloween with the Tween Magic 8 Ball Costume. Celebrate one of the greatest icons of childhood and amateur fortunetelling with this simple, one-piece outfit. It’s as great as it is an obvious choice. Betcha didn’t see that one coming.You don’t have to be a magus or a sorcerer to understand the cultural and geomantic importance of the Magic Eight-Ball! Therefore you also already know what a solid idea dressing up as that orbed scion is for Halloween. Don’t delay, toss the Tween Magic 8 Ball Costume onto yourself this Halloween! All signs point to a good time! Price:  $ 17.99   Read More and Buy it here!