Sequel Multi-Function Cabinet

“Engineered for ease of use and user comfort, the BDI Sequel Desk has a sleek, modern look, with a micro-etched, black tempered glass surface, and modular convenience. For effective use of surface and storage space, plus efficient cable management, this practical workstation has a unique system drawer with a black neoprene liner, for keyboard, mouse and more, plus: a magnetic power strip mounting kit and a back panel for direct access to the power supply; an inner and outer panel are also included, the inner panel functions to conceal wires and cables and offer direct access to wall outlets, whereas the outer back panel conceals cables if the desk is visible from the back when ;floating””; in a room. Special BDI hardware is provided to make assembly simple and quick. This stylish modern desk completes any home office. ” Price:  $ 1299.0   Read More and Buy it here!