The Sims 3 – World Adventures (addon)

The Sims 3 – World adventures expansion pack You will get the Key for the game via eMail within a few minutes. By using the key you can download and install the game via EA Origin (formerly known as EA Download Manager). Instructions can be found here.  The game ‘The Sims 3’ is required to play the addon World Adventures. Video  Producers description Send your little computer people on a holiday they’ll never forget – or perhaps even survive. The first ever expansion pack for the smash hit The Sims 3 allows your sims to travel abroad to discover new cultures and visit famous landmarks. Take in the sights, sounds and souvenirs of Egypt Are your sims brave enough for a spot of tomb raiding? Take a ride on the new scooter as you explore France Learn a martial art or just enjoy the local cuisineThis isn’t just a sight-seeing tour though, your sims can learn new skills and gain new life goals from their visit, as well as a suitcase full of exotic items and treasures. Whether it’s learning martial arts in China, ‘nectar’-making in France or tomb-raiding in Egypt there’s much more to do on these virtual holidays than just laze around on the beach.Foreign sims have unique personality traits and if your sims get on with them they can invite them back home – although you may want to upgrade your house first with the new building and customisation tools. It all adds up to a dream holiday that neither you nor your sims will forget. Key Features Holiday of a lifetime: Don’t just send your sims on holiday, send them on a globe-trotting adventure in China, France and Egypt. Landmark sights: Visit real world location from the Eiffel Tower to the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids. Souvenir shop: Take home brand new items: from ancient Egyptian artefacts to Chinese fireworks. Or decorate your home with exotic furniture and décor. Vocational trip: Learn new skills like photography, martial arts and nectar-making – plus give your sims new personality traits like ‘adventurous’ and ‘photographer’s eye’. Lingua franca: Amazing soundtrack includes Nelly Furtado, LeAn … Price:  $ 15.54   Read More and Buy it here!

Playstation Network Card PSN Key 50 Euro Austria

Playstation Network Card for the Austrian PSN store. Please note that the codes are only valid for the Austrian Playstation Store. Easily add funds to your PlayStation Network wallet without the need for a credit card. PlayStation Network Cards are a great way to add credit easily to your PlayStation Network wallet. Simply purchase a PlayStation Network Card, enter the 12 digit code and start treating yourself to some great downloadable content. Then you’re free to purchase PlayStation 3 and PSP content from PlayStation Store, a range of items within PlayStation Home and even songs from the SingStore. With all of the great content available, PlayStation Network cards make a great gift for family or friends. The code will be sent to you via email within 5-10 minutes after receipt of payment.  Important: Please note that these Cards are only valid for the Austrian PSN Store. The registered country in the Playstation Network must be Austria. If you are looking for PSN Cards  for Germany, the UK or the US, please take a look at our other respective offers.  Screenshots   Video  Price:  $ 58.62   Read More and Buy it here!

Xbox Live Gold – 3 month subscription

3 months Xbox Live Gold membership for Xbox One / Xbox 360 and the Microsoft marketplace Buy 3 months Xbox Live Gold now!  You will receive your code to unlock 3 months Xbox Live Gold safe and fast via eMail.  Screenshots   Product Description An Xbox Live Gold Membership is the complete online entertainment experience that’s only available on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Those who subscribe to this premium service can jump online and compete in huge virtual arenas against the best and brightest players out there, or just play casually against family and friends. Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and content delivery system that allows registered users to create their own friends list of other users, and communicate with them via a mail-like system of either text or voice messages which can even be used to send a message to an offline user. Xbox Live Gold, which requires a subscription fee, allows users to access all available features on Xbox Live. Even better: Xbox Live Gold members receive 2 free games to download every month! Price:  $ 11.9   Read More and Buy it here!

Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction Key

Diablo 2 + LoD CD-Key Buy Diablo 2 now!  The key for the activation at will be delivered directly via email. The download of the game client is available via Log in to your account here (or create a new one) to redeem your key. After logging in, you can download the game client.  Video   Description (Diablo 2) In Diablo 2, players return to a world of dark fantasy. As one of five distinct character types, players explore the world of Diablo 2, journey across distant lands, fight new villains, discover new treasures, and uncover ancient mysteries. Since the beginning of time, the forces of order and chaos have been engaged in an eternal struggle to decide the fate of all creation. That struggle has now come to the mortal realm, and neither man, demon, nor angel will be left unscathed. Diablo, lord of terror and youngest of the three prime evils, awakes from his long sleep beneath the dark earth. Setting in motion a grand scheme to free his exiled brothers, Mephisto and Baal, Diablo takes control of the small western kingdom of Khanduras. Working from deep within the ancient catacombs beneath the town of Tristram, Diablo grips the entire populace in a blanket of fear and paranoia. Ultimately, as even Khanduras’s good King Leoric falls under Diablo’s wicked power, a lone hero arises to challenge the darkness that engulfs the land. After plumbing the hellish depths of the labyrinth under Tristram, the nameless hero finally confronts the lord of terror himself. Knowing full well that Diablo’s spirit can never be truly destroyed, the hero makes the noblest sacrifice of all–casting his soul and his very sanity aside, he takes the spirit of Diablo into himself, hoping that his own strength of will can contain the demon within. The hero doesn’t realize that his selfless act will not only ensure Diablo’s victory, but will also irrevocably damn his soul for all time.  Description (Lord of Destruction) Lord of Destruction does what every good expansion should do: smoothing the rough edges of the original game while offering new content that … Price:  $ 7.14   Read More and Buy it here!

Saving Private Sheep

With Saving Private Sheep, put your brain cells and all your senses to the test as you overcome 148 levels in HD and help General Sheepard save his woolen warriors. Saving Private Sheep is a puzzle game, fun, simple and very addictive to play. Help your woolen warrior to conquer enemy territory by leading him into the secure zone. To do this, you will need just one weapon: your computer mouse! Destroy the obstacles in the surrounding area to make your sheep to achieve its objective in total… Price:  $ 9.95   Read More and Buy it here!