Zelda Pen

Get writing your own version of the legend with this brilliant legend of Zelda Hyrule pen and pen topper. A great Zelda inspired pen with a prominent pen topper in the iconic shape of the Hyrule crest, this is the perfect gift for fans of the best-selling game series.  Sale Price:  $ 4.99   Read More and Buy it here!

Ballots and Bullets: The Bloody County Seat Wars of Kansas

"Bleeding Kansas" has earned its name. A state already scarred from the violence wrought by the likes of John Brown and William Quantrill, Kansas witnessed further episodes of wanton bloodshed in the late nineteenth century when settlers poured into a supposedly peaceful frontier. Focusing on the tumultuous years 1885-1892, Robert K. DeArment’s compelling narrative is the first to reveal the complete story of the county seat wars that raged in Kansas–controversial episodes that made national news in the late 1900s but are largely unknown today. With a story populated by some of the most notorious characters of the West–including Sam Wood, Theodosius Botkin, Bat Masterson, and Bill Tilghman– Price:  $ 21.09   Read More and Buy it here!

Visual Basic Programs to Accompany Programming Logic and Design, 3rd Edition

The Visual Basic PAL is designed to be paired with the Sixth Edition of Joyce Farrell’s Programming Logic and Design text. Together, the two books provide the perfect opportunity to learn the fundamentals of programming while gaining exposure to an actual programming language. Readers can discover how real Visual Basic code behaves within the context of the traditional language-independent logic and design course. Price:  $ 20.49   Read More and Buy it here!