Bolle Vortex RL Clear oleo Replacement Lens

“Bolle Vortex Clear oleo Lens Brand New Includes One Year Warranty, Product # 50272 (Photo Clear Grey Oleo Lens) Product # 50279 (Lemon Oleo Lens) Product # 50278 (Clear Oleo Lens) Product # 50277 (TNS Oleo Lens) Product # 50276 (Photo Rose Oleo Lens) Product # 50275 (Photo Amber Oleo Lens) Product # 50274 (Rose Blue Oleo Lens) Product # 50273 (Photo Rose Gun Oleo Lens) Product # 50485 (Modulator Brown Emerald Oleo AF Lens) Product # 50486 (TNS Fire Oleo AF Lens) Product # 50629 (TNS AF (Polycarbonate) Lens) The Bolle Vortex RL is a replacement lens for Vortex series sun glasses. The lens keeps up with you even when conditions are ever-changing. The lens have B-Clear Technology that features ultra-lightweight trivex lens material. The replacement lenses are interchangeable lenses that deliver the best visual acuity during the most intense activities. The Bolle Vortex gives you a greater level of versatility over changing weather and lighting conditions. Bolle interchangeable Vortex lenses are reinforced with premium materials and lens coatings. These lenses stand up to the harshest condition. Vortex RL Features: Replacement Lens, B-Clear Technology – Features Ultra-Lightweight Trivex Lens Material – Dual-sided Hydrophobic/Oleophobic Coatings, CarboGlas Coating – Gives an Armor Shell From Scratches & Abrasions, Optics Control System – Interchangeable Lens System – Swap Your Lenses For Different Lighting Conditions, Compatible With: Bolle Vortex Sunglasses” Price:  $ 48.95   Read More and Buy it here!

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