Royal-Pedic Full-Size All Cotton Mattress

This full Royal-Pedic All Cotton Mattress is designed specifically for severe allergy sufferers. With soft, all natural staple cotton used as the main padding ingredient, you get a firm, allergy-free sleep surface that provides excellent orthopedic support. Top-quality materials and new-age innovations make this hypoallergenic mattress one of the best available. The hypoallergenic and antibacterial natural latex acts as a natural dust mite repellent and provides motionless comfort for undisturbed sleep. These Royal-Pedic mattresses are also made with New Zealand lamb’s wool and hand-tufted European straps to guarantee a long-lasting, quality product. All Royal-Pedic mattresses are custom made to exactly fit your needs. After placing your order, allow 1-2 weeks for the mattress to be shipped to you. Price:  $ 3108.0   Read More and Buy it here!

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