Royal-Cloud 4” Pillowtop Mattress Pad, Queen Size

If you’re looking to buy a queen-size pillowtop mattress pad that won’t trigger your allergies or cause aches and pains, the Royal-Pedic Royal-Cloud Queen Mattress Pad is the finest solution on the market. You get a heavyweight, durable queen mattress cover that’s filled with hypoallergenic materials like Belgian cotton and New Zealand lamb’s wool that will help maintain your mattress’ firmness. The royalty pillowtop queen mattress pad is covered with sturdy cotton on cotton material that will stay in place all night and help preserve your mattress. All Royal-Pedic mattress pads are custom made to exactly fit your needs. After placing your order, allow 1-2 weeks for the mattress to be shipped to you. Sale Price:  $ 1376.0   Read More and Buy it here!

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