The Martian Child

A novel based on a true story. All David Gerrold wanted was a son. He’d spent more than a year preparing himself for fatherhood – that was the easy part; finding the right match would take a lot longer. But when David saw Dennis’s picture in an album of children awaiting parents, he knew – this is my son. All Dennis wanted was a dad. But the caseworkers knew all the reasons he’d never get one. Dennis had too much baggage. He’d been abandoned at the age of one and a half. He’d been in eight foster homes in eight years and he’d been abused in two of them. Hs medical history was another nightmare. He was on Ritalin for ADHD and he was classified as emotionally disturbed. The caseworkers said he was “hard to place” – a euphemism for unadoptable. And then there was that Martian business. . . . But for David and Dennis it was love at first sight. Sale Price:  $ 1.74   Read More and Buy it here!

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